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About Us

Welcome to CycleComponents!

CycleComponents cuts out the middleman to bring you lower prices for electric bikes and bike accessories. If you need it, we've got it! It's just that simple.

We've eliminated the costly showrooms, storefronts, and all their associated expenses by selling directly to you online. You save money shopping with us because we don't need to pass extra costs on to you. With CycleComponents, you get the high-quality gear you need without the high price tags.

What We Sell

We carry top-quality electric bikes, accessories, and components, at a great value. Our models lead the market while maintaining affordability. As Authorized Dealers, your order will ship straight from one of our nationwide suppliers to you.

Why We Sell It

Electric bikes are emerging as the clean, new form of alternative transportation for everyday use. Their popularity has grown significantly in the past few years.

There are numerous reasons why we choose to be in the electric bike business. The benefits to the environment are at the top of the list. Electric bike commuting reduces traffic and carbon dioxide emissions, plus they are a fun, stress-free, and healthy means of transportation.

We are passionate about our environmental responsibility to promote this movement of eco-friendly commuting. CycleComponents strives to help educate the community on the benefits of electric bikes. We teach others how e-bikes improve urban mobility, are a new alternative for outdoor activity, and are a more cost-effective transportation solution.

Our Promise to You

As a customer, you are the heart and soul of our business. Therefore, we make the following promises to you:

  • Full manufacturer's warranties on our products
  • Price match guarantee
  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service
  • Free and fast shipping*
  • Zero sales tax**

    We're Here to Help

    We know finding the perfect e-bike can be difficult. With so many brands, styles, and features, it is hard to know which one will best suit your needs.

    Our website was designed to help you find the e-bike that will best fit your criteria and usage requirements. An e-bike can be a life-changing purchase. CycleComponents wants to make sure your Earth-friendly transportation is what you've always wanted.

    Reach Out

    If you have any questions about our products or our company, we encourage you to contact us anytime. We're here for you!

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